The loan was extended.
After you compare the interest rate. Terms of the loan. And services already. You will be able to choose a loan with a financial institution with which you are comfortable with this process as follows.
1 request for evidence recovery. To borrow money to buy a house or condominium, financial institutions often require borrowers. The evidence must include the following in full.
1.1), including proof of identity.
- Copy Tiltle.
- Identification.
- Marriage or divorce. Or a death certificate.
- Copy, rename the extension (if any).
2) evidence about a week.
A rentier
- Salary certificate. Or proof of income / salary from your employer.
- A bank account.
A. Users are self-employed.
- Copy of Commercial Registration. Or Certificate of Incorporation.
- Deposit and current accounts statement last 6 months.
- Proof of income or other assets.

3) Evidence relating to the securities and trading.
- A copy of the title deed. Or copy of title units.
- Map showing the location of the collateral property.
- Copy of the purchase and sale agreement. Contract or deposit.
- If you are buying a condominium. A copy of the certificate of registration of the condominium.
- Description of personal property. And common property.
4) other evidence.
The loan for the construction or renovation needs.
- The construction of the building.
- Permit construction or renovation.
- Contract construction or renovation.
The mortgage must have a loan to redeem.
- Mortgage loan and the financial institution.
- Statement of installment payments in the last 6 months.
If there is a co-borrower.
         Would require private. Proof of income of the borrower and co-borrowers are usually required to provide such evidence. By complete recovery without an end date. Staff may not accept it. Or may be subject to borrowers, and the additional evidence. The borrowers should be brought to the authorities within three days to make the analysis and the delayed recovery.
         Since there are many banks and financial institutions. Competitive lending. If a buyer purchases a new home projects. Or through brokers. Of these companies. Always contact the financial institution to make a loan to facilitate a loan to a customer in which the financial institution is a commercial bank. Or finance company to finance development projects that will be carried out if a simple Fast buyer may ask the seller to recover from financial services decision. The vendor will provide a schedule of the loan (or a brochure from the bank) to the buyer. This specifies the number down. And the amount of the loan from the bank that the loan amount, how much time (10 years, 15 years, 20 years, etc.), how much the interest rate. How much to pay each month, but the buyer did not need to borrow. He contacted the bank to see if the interest rate. Loans than other banks. The Borrower has full right. To choose any bank loan as they see fit, and it is to their advantage to borrow money. To buy a house.
        When you call, do not forget the basics of personal interest to the bank or lender directly to ask for details. Banks near their home or office to know the details. More clearly.

Special offer for foreigners.
1.Never be a legal entity you can buy your owner.
2.Individual is bordered by owner.
3.No need a wife in Thailand as they can afford.
4.You can lease the full purchase price(long term rental).


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